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“Synesthesia” art print by Chuck Sperry!

*The Novos batch of Synesthesia is sold out! If you missed out, fear not — Chuck Sperry will be selling his portion of the prints on his website tomorrow, July 26th, at a random time!

The Novos project, prints and film, is getting really busy. We’re currently rebuilding the crew, working with costume artists, and generally prepping to shoot the short film around the beginning of September, and we’ve got a brand new print by artist Chuck Sperry! We could extoll to you all the virtues of this print, but we think this one can speak for itself.

The prints will go up for sale on the Novos Store on Wednesday, July 25th at a random time!

“Synesthesia” by Chuck Sperry

22″ x 33″

Regular Edition of 100

8 colors printed on archival cream paper

Signed and Numbered

Check out below the jump to see the gorgeous variants!

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“Foreign Objects” print by Eelus!

For those who are new to the site/project, I encourage you to subscribe to the website using the button to the right. This is all going toward making a cool short film, and there will be more awesome art print releases by great artists in the future! The email subscription is the best way to stay updated on print releases (and the film’s progress).

The newest print in the Novos promotional series is ready for sale, and it’s a stunner. The immensely talented Eelus created this latest piece, titled “Foreign Objects”, a 50cm x 70cm (19.7″ x 27.6″), 5-color screenprint on 300gsm Paperback – Loop stock, with an edition of 125. There’s also a Dusk special variant, on 300gsm Somerset – Satin stock, with an edition of 15. All prints are signed, stamped, and numbered by Eelus in the UK.

The regular edition will be $170 and the special $260 in the Novos Store. Both will be available for purchase at 11am PST on Friday, May 25th. All prints are ready for immediate shipping.


Dusk Variant

Some close-ups of the actual prints after the jump.

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“Symbiotica” promotional print by Guy Burwell!

The next print in the Novos series is finally ready, and it’s by the incomparable Guy Burwell! “Symbiotica” is a 16″ by 23″, 4-color screenprint with an edition of 120. There is also a green variant with an edition of 35.

The print will go on sale on the Novos Store on Monday, February 13th at 11am PST. The 1st Edition will be $30 and the green variant will be $55. All prints are in-hand and ready to ship.


More shots below the jump:

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“We Keep Watch” promotional print by JC Richard!

Finally, here’s the first print in the production print line-up. Created by the wonderfully talented JC Richard, “We Keep Watch” is a 28″ x 12″, 10-color (with 2 fades) screenprint with an edition of 120. There are also Night and Mist variants with editions of 40. Printing will be by D&L Screenprinters.

The 1st Edition will be $50 and the variants will be $70 each. The prints will go up at the Novos Store at 11am PST on Friday, July 29th. However, since print package buyers will get first dibs on the variants, there’s a chance there will be very few left over for the general drop. If you’d like to get in on the pre-drop, the Novos Print Packages will remain available until Noon PST tomorrow, July 28th.

And so everyone is aware, these’ll take about a month to ship out. Why such a long wait? Well, we’re selling the print early to open up access to the proceeds for the film shoot, which is three and a half weeks away!


Check out the variants below the jump.

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Last chance for the Novos Production Print Package!

The Novos Production Print Package will be taken down from the Novos Store within the few days as we prepare to release the first print in the package. So if you’re still thinking of purchasing this awesome set of prints and all the perks that come with it, head over to the Novos Store! ┬áThere are also a couple of Jay Shaw’s “Servant of Cybele” AP prints still available. Every purchase helps us make this awesome film!


Everything’s good, and the print packages are now available over at the Novos Store!

Technical difficulties…

We’re currently having a few problems with the Novos Store. Hold tight for a bit!

Novos Production Print Package!

Novos currently finds itself in a Catch-22: we’ve assembled a fantastic roster of artists to produce promotional prints for fundraising purposes, but most of those prints wont be ready for release until after the film shoots at the end of July; and we need a large portion of the funds from those prints to shoot the film at the high level of quality planned.

So what’s the solution? The Novos Production Print Package! Seven fantastic artists have agreed to let us pre-sell original screenprints they will be producing for Novos. Those artists are:

Every one of those artists will produce an original art print inspired by the themes and imagery of Novos. You don’t want 7 movie posters, you say? Fear not! Most of them will be prints that you can enjoy even if you have no idea what Novos is. Except one — one will definitely be a movie poster (and if you know these artists’ work, you’ll probably be able to figure out which one that is).

In addition to receiving the 1st edition of each print produced by these artists, package purchasers will get other perks. We like print variants around here, and several of these artists are well known for producing awesome variants. If you purchase a print package, you’ll be given first-dibs on any variants released (so far Jay Shaw and Eelus have both agreed to make variants, and we’re in discussions with the other artists about them). This wont guarantee package purchasers each variant, but will initially restrict the pool of potential buyers to those individuals. The same will hold true for any prints from artists not included in the above list. We have tentative agreements from a couple of fantastic artists who preferred to not be included in the package. Production Print Package buyers will also get discounts on any and all prints released outside the package, including variants.

The prints from the listed artists will be released over a span of multiple months between now and November, with the goal being to release about one per month. The first print is planned for release near the end of June. Should, for whatever reason, an artist on the list not be able to make a print for Novos, each package buyer will be allowed a refund of the amount the estimated print was worth within the package (though we seriously doubt this’ll happen).

The Novos Production Print Package will go on-sale tomorrow, June 15th, at 8:30am PST over at the Novos Store for $400 ($450 for international buyers). All shipping is included in that price. 50 will be available; that’ll help us get to the fundraising level necessary to get this film through principal photography comfortably.

*Yes, Jay Shaw has already produced an amazing print for Novos (which will ship out in the next few days). The experience collaborating with him was so much fun that we decided to do it again to produce something entirely new!

“The Past Walked Beside Us” promotional print by Dan McCarthy!

We’re proud to announce the final Dan McCarthy/Tom McDowell Novos promotional print, “The Past Walked Beside Us”. It’s a 19 x 10.75″ digital print on Curious Metallics “Iced Gold” cover stock, out of an edition of 100. The prints are $25 over at the Novos Store and are ready to ship immediately.

Close-up after the jump.

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Now that we’re on the edge of June, the Novos production is starting to really heat up. So here are some updates!

  • “The Servant of Cybele” print has faced multiple unfortunate production delays (the most recent of which includes Jay, the artist/printer, sustaining major injury to his fingers). But the prints will be done soon, and will ship out next week. To thank everyone who purchased the print for their patience, there will be an additional special, limited edition print included with orders. We think you’ll really like it!
  • Thanks to the success of the Novos print series and the generosity of donors, we’ve been able to expand the initial budget projections. Our new goal is $50,000. This will allow us to pay more of the crew for their hard work and will expand opportunities in both principal photography and post production.
  • We haven’t updated the fundraising totals in a while, but we’re now up to $20,000 raised! This puts us at 40% to our new overall fundraising goal.
  • Fundraising will continue throughout production and post production, as will the Novos print series. Keep an eye out for some exciting new releases in the near future!
  • Finally, we’d like to formally welcome Travis Boatright, the film’s costume director, to the crew! Travis is a graduate of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and will bring the film’s fantastic costumes to reality.