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While moving forward, a fun look back

Now that we’ve got things going again on the project (which has shifted into fun new territory), it’s worth taking a look back at the plan for the original short film. Followers of the project, or anyone who’s glanced at the concept art from past posts, know just how overly ambitious this project was from the outset. Below are a couple of storyboards we had planned to shoot — nearly 2 years ago. Fun fact: these boards were generously made by the immensely talented Mark Englert, now a successful and oh-so-collectible poster artist!

Novos SBoard 06 01_small Novos SBoard 07 02_small


A hint


It’s been a little while…

…since we last published some concept art. So, we’d like to share this amazing piece by Zoran. As far as the film goes, we’re currently in the casting process, and should have details on cast and full crew soon. Also, keep an eye out for the first print in the production series sometime soon!

by Zoran

Print shipping, and more awesome concept art

The “Life Keeps Running” prints for anyone who donated from the US went out today, and the prints for international donors will go out tomorrow. There are still 48 of the prints left, so if anyone’s waiting to donate on word of availability, fear not! There’s also 3 prints left of the Galvanized “The Forest Made Us Talk” variant, for those interested.

It’s been a while since the last concept art post, so here’s something great from artist Zoran:

by Zoran

“The Forest Made Us Talk” promotional poster by Dan McCarthy!

**Quick update 2: Check out the Facebook fan page for the film! **

**Quick update: For those wondering, there are plenty of prints left. I appreciate all the donations and encourage everyone to spread the site around and subscribe to the blog for info on possible future prints!**

The fantastic Dan McCarthy has graciously adapted his art print “The Rain Had a Sound” into a promotional print for the film using figure artwork from our own Tom McDowell. The print’s title is “The Forest Made Us Talk”, and depicts a scene from the film! The print is 12.5″ by 19″, will be printed digitally on #100 Cover stock, and will be limited to a numbered run of 100 prints. They will be given away as thank-you gifts to anyone who gives $50 or more to the film from this point forward (and until the prints run out).

More shots of the actual print below the fold.

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New Fundraising Push

A quick update on fundraising. We’ve been focusing more on some of the great developments in pre-production over the last month and took our foot off the fundraising pedal a bit. However, we’re about to start a big new fundraising push, build off the fantastic momentum in pre-production heading up to the new year. So if you can, please donate and subscribe to the blog. Again, all funds go solely and directly towards getting Novos made. Even if you can’t donate right now, if you know someone who might be interested in great, independent science fiction, please pass the site along and encourage them to contribute. The only way this movie is going to get made is with your support.

To encourage your generosity, here’s a sneak peak at some of the fantastic promotional art we’ve got coming up from renowned poster artist Dan McCarthy and our own Tom McDowell.

Collaborative concept art!

Here’s a great collaboration piece by concept artists Zoran and Tom McDowell. This is very close to what will be a shot in the actual film.

Big announcements!

A couple important new developments. First, we’ve officially started modeling some of the CG assets for the film with the help of Straightface Studios! We’ll keep you updated as this exciting process moves forward.

Also, we’ll soon be releasing some amazing new promotional material, including some artwork by the fantastic Dan McCarthy.

These two announcements may be more of teases at this point, but they both represents significant steps forward for the film. To hold you over until there’s more we can publish, here’s some fantastic concept art by Zoran!

Any donation is appreciated

There’s been a lot of traffic here on the Novos film blog lately (hi there redusers and dvxusers!), so I just want to reiterate that we’d really appreciate any donation anyone could make. If you like what you see, become a backer and make it your film too! It’s as simple as clicking the paypal link on the right.

And to motivate your generosity, here’s some more fantastic concept art!

New Fundraising Goal

Alright — we’re going to try to build on the fantastic momentum gained from more than doubling our last fundraising goal by raising $6,000 by December 1st. As always, you can make a direct contribution to the right. Let’s keep up the momentum!

(And here’s some more art to motivate you — this is an early render of the main spacecraft, though it’s undergone some changes since this iteration)