So, what’s happening with Novos?

It’s been a long time since the last project update, so you might be wondering what’s happening with Novos. Everyone who donated their time, money, and interest deserves a clear explanation of where the film is.

The live action portion of Novos was set to shoot last September but was again derailed by unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances. Though setbacks happen in every production, Novos has proven particularly susceptible to them. I decided to put the project back on hold to assess why it was too difficult to make.

Part of the problem was I underestimated the true difficulty of what I was trying to achieve. My success with the print series and attracting talented artists to the project made me chronically overconfident. I was coasting on the extraordinary talents of those artists I convinced to help me rather than honestly assessing obstacles and making the editorial decisions that all filmmakers face. This made the live action portion of Novos dependent on everything going right — and those of you familiar with filmmaking know that never happens.

While one of the goals for the production was to show that the highest quality standards are attainable with enough planning, innovation, and work, reality has clearly illustrated the limits of that ambition. That’s not to say that this or any other project cannot be ambitious — just that the goals must be more fluid and flexible to accommodate the genuine difficulty of film production.

This is a long way to say I’ve been rewriting the film, and while the process is ongoing, I’ve started moving forward with a team on the new game plan. The changes reflect both artistic adjustments and the practical requirements of reaching a finished product. Novos is happening. I’ve invested too much time and energy and believe too strongly in the work so many talented artists have created to allow the project to wither. I will also finish the print package. One of the two final prints arrived in the mail a few days ago and I’ve been discussing the timeline with the final artist.

Independent filmmaking is a collaborative process between passionate, possibly-a-bit-crazy filmmakers and the support network built around the project. Novos has come this far thanks to all of you. It has been a transformative experience to witness the amount of enthusiasm so many of you have displayed for this little film. That alone will keep me going.

Thank you,

Jonathan Brebner, Director


One thought on “So, what’s happening with Novos?

  1. Patricia Sullivan says:

    Good luck on the rewrite. I look foward to seeing the film when it is done!

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