Novos filming delayed

First, I want to apologize for the gap in communication. I wanted to have everything as certain as possible before announcing this.

Filming for Novos has been delayed until next summer. At the end of August the crew and I were all ready to shoot, but unfortunately our main costumer (whose name was never published on this site — i.e. not Travis Boatright, who is marvelous) failed to deliver the main-character’s costume. It was a big fiasco. The producers and I attempted to find a new costumer, and managed to get in contact with some very talented professionals, but the timing wasn’t with us. As those familiar with the Pacific Northwest know, once the weather changes in the fall you rarely see the sun again for a while. I made the call to push production back rather than sacrifice the quality of the film. Between now and next summer I’ll be working with the visual effects team to produce as much of the CGI work as possible. In the end, I’m confident the film will emerge from this setback and be a better film for it.

As for the print series — that will go ahead as planned. I’m working with the artists on each of their prints. My goal is to try to have all of them finished by January, then release them staggered through spring. Given the delays with several previous prints, I’ll now be sticking to a policy of only revealing prints once I have them in-hand. But rest assured that all prints are still going to be made, and within a reasonable timeframe. I’ve even managed to get some new artists interested in creating prints for the series, with at least one fantastic artist committed and several in-talks.

If anyone has any questions, about either the film or the print series, I encourage you to contact me. The film marches on, and there’ll be some cool new updates soon!

-Jonathan Brebner, Director



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