“We Keep Watch” promotional print by JC Richard!

Finally, here’s the first print in the production print line-up. Created by the wonderfully talented JC Richard, “We Keep Watch” is a 28″ x 12″, 10-color (with 2 fades) screenprint with an edition of 120. There are also Night and Mist variants with editions of 40. Printing will be by D&L Screenprinters.

The 1st Edition will be $50 and the variants will be $70 each. The prints will go up at the Novos Store at 11am PST on Friday, July 29th. However, since print package buyers will get first dibs on the variants, there’s a chance there will be very few left over for the general drop. If you’d like to get in on the pre-drop, the Novos Print Packages will remain available until Noon PST tomorrow, July 28th.

And so everyone is aware, these’ll take about a month to ship out. Why such a long wait? Well, we’re selling the print early to open up access to the proceeds for the film shoot, which is three and a half weeks away!


Check out the variants below the jump.

Night variant


Mist Variant


One thought on ““We Keep Watch” promotional print by JC Richard!

  1. Ian W. says:

    Awesome Jonathan!! JC did a great job on these. I hope I can pick one up.

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