Novos Production Print Package!

Novos currently finds itself in a Catch-22: we’ve assembled a fantastic roster of artists to produce promotional prints for fundraising purposes, but most of those prints wont be ready for release until after the film shoots at the end of July; and we need a large portion of the funds from those prints to shoot the film at the high level of quality planned.

So what’s the solution? The Novos Production Print Package! Seven fantastic artists have agreed to let us pre-sell original screenprints they will be producing for Novos. Those artists are:

Every one of those artists will produce an original art print inspired by the themes and imagery of Novos. You don’t want 7 movie posters, you say? Fear not! Most of them will be prints that you can enjoy even if you have no idea what Novos is. Except one — one will definitely be a movie poster (and if you know these artists’ work, you’ll probably be able to figure out which one that is).

In addition to receiving the 1st edition of each print produced by these artists, package purchasers will get other perks. We like print variants around here, and several of these artists are well known for producing awesome variants. If you purchase a print package, you’ll be given first-dibs on any variants released (so far Jay Shaw and Eelus have both agreed to make variants, and we’re in discussions with the other artists about them). This wont guarantee package purchasers each variant, but will initially restrict the pool of potential buyers to those individuals. The same will hold true for any prints from artists not included in the above list. We have tentative agreements from a couple of fantastic artists who preferred to not be included in the package. Production Print Package buyers will also get discounts on any and all prints released outside the package, including variants.

The prints from the listed artists will be released over a span of multiple months between now and November, with the goal being to release about one per month. The first print is planned for release near the end of June. Should, for whatever reason, an artist on the list not be able to make a print for Novos, each package buyer will be allowed a refund of the amount the estimated print was worth within the package (though we seriously doubt this’ll happen).

The Novos Production Print Package will go on-sale tomorrow, June 15th, at 8:30am PST over at the Novos Store for $400 ($450 for international buyers). All shipping is included in that price. 50 will be available; that’ll help us get to the fundraising level necessary to get this film through principal photography comfortably.

*Yes, Jay Shaw has already produced an amazing print for Novos (which will ship out in the next few days). The experience collaborating with him was so much fun that we decided to do it again to produce something entirely new!

11 thoughts on “Novos Production Print Package!

  1. Jeremy Vaughan says:

    Will these prints be available separately as they are released, or is ordering the package the only way I can ensure that these babies will make it into my collection?

    Does the package come with matching numbers for each print?


    • jpbrebner says:

      Yes, people will get the print number based on the order in which the packages sell. If you’re the 24th package buyer, I’ll send you #24 for all the prints.

  2. Jeremy Vaughan says:

    Awesome! Regarding my first question… will these prints be available separately as they are released or will they only be available as a packaged deal?

    • jpbrebner says:

      They will also be available separately, but they’ll cost a bit more than they would in the package, you’ll have to pay for shipping, and you wont be guaranteed one. And if all 50 packages sell out, there will be a much smaller number available in the general releases, since all the prints will be limited editions and wont have big run sizes.

      • Jeremy Vaughan says:

        Makes total sense, and it’s good to know that there will still be a chance to snag the prints for those who can’t purchase the bundle. Thanks for the heads up! It looks like I have some deciding to do…

  3. CJD says:

    Jeremy, ya beat me to asking Jonathan those 2 questions… d’oh!!! If I may say, this is an absolutely brilliant idea you came up with, Jonathan. And that is a stellar lineup of artists – a “Magnificent Seven” if you will.

    Make sure you throw in some lagniappe (translation: “a little something extra” as we say down here in south Louisiana) for the buyers of this package. An autographed DVD and/or t-shirt perhaps? You get the idea. After all, the USC Film School doesn’t have any dummies and no-talent hacks. Yeah, except for that dude named Lucas 40 years ago who created that film that he titled with letters and numbers. Wonder whatever happened to him? Last I heard, he made a little film titled War Stars or something. heh heh

    • jpbrebner says:

      Oh, there will be plenty of extras for those who buy the packages. All that money Lucas gave to USC didn’t go to waste!

  4. Jarrod says:

    Jonathan. Are the prints going to be poster size? will they vary?

  5. Jonathan. Should we be expecting your normal 18 x 24 prints with signatures in addition to numbers?

    • jpbrebner says:

      There will be some variation from that (I believe JC is working on a longer, skinnier print, for example), and most will be signed in addition to numbered (some, like Martin’s, might not be due to geographic distance).

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