“Life Keeps Running” promotional print by Dan McCarthy!

Here’s the newest promotional print by the wonderful Dan McCarthy, with additional art by Tom McDowell. It’s titled “Life Keeps Running”, is 13″ by 18.5″, printed digitally on 97# Curious Metallic “Iced Gold” Cover stock, and numbered out of a limited edition of 100. The combination of the fall colors and the “Iced Gold” metallic paper make this print really stunning. The print will be given away as thank-you gifts to anyone who donates $40 or more to the film from this point forward. All proceeds go directly towards making Novos. Also, there are still a few of the previous print, “The Forest Made Us Talk”, so please contact me if you’re interested in getting one.

More photos of the actual print after the jump.

8 thoughts on ““Life Keeps Running” promotional print by Dan McCarthy!

  1. M says:

    Will I get a McCarthy print if I donate $40? Will it be shipped with kraft paper, in a sturdy tube?

  2. phyllochrome says:

    i’m going to display an incredible amount of nerdiness here, but could you please tell me what species those creatures are based on? entelodonts? hyracodons?

  3. E says:

    Are there still prints left?

  4. Andreas says:

    Hi, I would like to donate for the “Life Keeps Running” print. Do you offer international shipping (to Germany) and if yes, can you please tell me how much the donation will be all in all?
    Regards, Andreas

    • jpbrebner says:

      We absolutely will ship to Germany! We ask for a $40 donation, for which we’ll ship you the print wherever you are (though we do appreciate a few extra dollars for international donors, since international shipping is more expensive).

  5. Andreas says:

    will do. 🙂

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