Big Thanks!

The reaction to the recent promotional print “The Forest Made Us Talk” has been overwhelming, and I want to thank everyone who donated in the last few days. Your support is deeply appreciated, and I genuinely hope you continue to follow as Novos works its way towards completion. Since Sunday we’ve shot to well over 60% of our current fundraising goal. Help us keep up the momentum to make sure we meet that goal!

Also, the film now has a Twitter page! Please follow it!  —  @novosfilm

Below is a list of all our generous new donors!

Special thanks to our new donors:

Drew Bowen
Nick Boyko
Leanna Aker
Erik Wood
Michael Haupt
Rachel Silvan
Ryan McBride
Gavin O’Donovan
Ian Wanda
John McDowell
Joel Manalo
Philip Cahiwat
Brent Oshiro
Paul Cox
Michael Spiering
Octavio Dominguez
Douglas Mossman
Tiffany Davis
Miles Wortham
Ryan Katula
Susan Middleton
Randall Charles
Lee Knouse
David Boardman
Neil Lorentzen
Mike Brunner
Kevin Lee
Jason Wilson
Steve Reed
Josef Staszkiewicz
Andrew Franklin
Jeff Macdonald
Timothy Vottero
Ian Gillan
Joshua Lee
Mark Kelly
Patrick Lenahan
James Goodline
Emily McCallum
Chris Cantz
John Kushmerick
Peter Woodward
Andrew Pope
Michael Varga
Nick Lawrence
Abraham Pierce
Corey Bang
Lewis DeGirolamo
Noel Mahmood
John Verrier
Chad Bjornson
Steven Dupree
Douglas Rigler
Sean Marino
Matei Tarail
Scott Mckenzie
Aaron Leibman

2 thoughts on “Big Thanks!

  1. Wouldn’t be also nice if you had a page listing all of the donors since the first day?

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