“The Forest Made Us Talk” promotional poster by Dan McCarthy!

**Quick update 2: Check out the Facebook fan page for the film!   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Novos/124017927662105 **

**Quick update: For those wondering, there are plenty of prints left. I appreciate all the donations and encourage everyone to spread the site around and subscribe to the blog for info on possible future prints!**

The fantastic Dan McCarthy has graciously adapted his art print “The Rain Had a Sound” into a promotional print for the film using figure artwork from our own Tom McDowell. The print’s title is “The Forest Made Us Talk”, and depicts a scene from the film! The print is 12.5″ by 19″, will be printed digitally on #100 Cover stock, and will be limited to a numbered run of 100 prints. They will be given away as thank-you gifts to anyone who gives $50 or more to the film from this point forward (and until the prints run out).

More shots of the actual print below the fold.

7 thoughts on ““The Forest Made Us Talk” promotional poster by Dan McCarthy!

  1. Jim Brebner says:

    Very cool artwork! Nice of the artist to contribute.

  2. chaeldub says:

    Very nice of Dan to help out. Easiest money i’ve ever donated.

  3. Awesome promotional idea, great poster. Dan McCarthy is king!

  4. coleslaw says:

    Great art, love I know this money is going towards a movie that I could watch hopefully and it was very kind of Dan to help out. Can’t wait to get our Art Print!

  5. Christopher says:

    Hi there, cool work you are doing. Dan McCarthy’s print is gorgeous. May I ask is this promotional print open to non US residents? Thanks!

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