If you’re stopping by, please consider donating

It’s as easy as clicking on the Paypal button to the right. And while it might seem trivial, every little bit really does count and add up. I’ll be posting the first accountability snapshot this weekend, in case anyone is concerned about where their money is going.

And, as usual, to encourage your generosity I’ve added some more concept art!

3 thoughts on “If you’re stopping by, please consider donating

  1. Hey Jonathan,

    Liked the new site better, looks better than the old one. And the new name – I had already said my views on it to you. And it is also nice to see that you’re approaching your goal for Sept. 1. However, watch out! You don’t have much time left to the due date.

    So, why don’t you post more on this site and excite people on the coming features? I’m sure you’ve still got lots of materials you haven’t shown to us and throwing a few of them could encourage people to support more. What do you think?



  2. kirk says:

    Dude, I just saw the trailer for After Earth and I could have sworn Novos hit the jackpot and changed it’s name and a few details. But the plot and aesthetics are nearly identical to what you pitched years ago.

    The nano suit concept here reminds me of what will smith was wearing in the trailer.

    • jpbrebner says:

      Yeah, After Earth seems to share a lot with Novos. I was a bit upset the first time I saw the trailer, to be honest. But since then I’ve come to the conclusion that the projects are more than different enough. Post-apocalyptic Earth is a common premise in sci-fi, and the quality of a film depends on the story and characters built upon that premise. The trailer for After Earth (and Oblivion, which seems to share a lot of aesthetic cues with Novos) prompted me to make some of the changes I mentioned in the most recent update post, and those changes have made the story and project better.

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