Retitled: “Grotto” is now “Novos”

“Grotto” has been retitled “Novos”. To reflect this change, the blog will now be featured at this URL. You can read my reasons for this decision after the jump. To smooth the transition, I’ve also added some gorgeous new concept art!
  • Because of script revisions, “Grotto” had become an inapplicable title. Early drafts of the script had a grotto in the story. More recent drafts do not. These changes were for the best, but they made the title inaccurate. I held onto “Grotto” mostly because that’s the title I’ve worked with, I thought there might be a way to fit the actual “Grotto” back into the script. This would only serve to make the script worse, so that justification is gone.
  • The main reason “Grotto” remained up until this point was that many people, including myself during the very first draft of the script, have only a fuzzy conception of what “grotto” actually means, which allowed the film to project it’s own meaning onto the title. This, however, leaves open the problem of those who DO know what the term means, and would recognize that the final film has nothing to do with grottos; it also takes away the point of a title, which should itself provide meaning and framing for the film.
  • I developed the secondary title “Novos” a little while back, and it fits the film much better. It’s based on the Latin root “novo”, which means to make new again. This perfectly fits the film’s story and backstory and hints at the Soldier’s character struggles.
  • Novos is a succinct, interesting title with a distinctly Sci-Fi sound to it. Grotto made too many people think of a certain well-known mansion.
Otherwise, nothing about the film has changed. The script, production plan, and artistic direction all remain exactly the same. So, on with “Novos”! -Jonathan Brebner, Director

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